Just in case ...



In the unlikely event that I should ever be kidnapped or abducted I do not authorize my family or my government, my employer or any other person or company to pay any ransom or release any prisoners in trade for my freedom or my life.


Instead, I explicitly encourage any authority, police force or military power according to their judgment to hunt down, arrest or eliminate criminals, outlaws, pirates, rebels, political or religious fanatics, lunatics or terrorists without taking special care of my life, in the event that I should be abused as a human shield. To bring these individuals to justice and set a deterrent example does hold a higher value for me.


Should I ever renounce this declaration it can only be the result of torture or fraud and is therefore void and must be disregarded. Instead it should actually encourage the responsible authorities, forces or military powers to double their efforts and take appropriate measures to terminate such terrorist action. My country will not be blackmailed!


This has been coordinated and agreed with my family who fully supports this attitude in the interest of global humanity and the worldwide battle against crime and terrorism.

Frankfurt, 16 November 1999 - Andreas Fecker


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